The Secrets of Knowing How Much Is Enough in Life

The Secrets of Knowing How Much Is Enough in Life

Are you the kind of person who is never happy before you acquire the whole world? The majority of people are not satisfied with their lives because it is human nature always to want more. Knowing how much is enough for you will save you from comparing yourself to others and envying their progress.


When money increases, some people think of getting another wife, more children, a bigger house, the latest cars, and phones. They get bigger and better versions of what they already have. There is nothing wrong with improving yourself and your circumstances. The secret is in knowing what your enough looks like to you.


Now, knowing what is enough for you is not about depriving yourself of life’s comforts. It is a healthy balance between your basic needs, level of comfort, and luxuries. For example, your enough might be when you have four cars. For someone else, it might be when they have only one, yet to another when they have two cars. The point of enough is different for everyone. The secret is to know yours.


Have you ever wondered why some people find it easy to give while others do not? The givers have learned what is enough for them to enjoy a comfortable life. Knowing what is enough for them frees them to give of what falls beyond their enough zone. I understand that there are also sacrificial givers, but these are few.


Knowing how much is enough in your life will make you a giver. Being a giver is a good thing because the more you give, the more you will receive. The more you receive, the more you will provide for others, and the cycle will continue.


Many more people can benefit from your giving. Giving makes you happier and fulfilled because you are making a difference in someone else’s life. Isn’t that what having a purpose is all about?


Life is better when you are happy, but life is best when other people are happy because of you.


Enjoying a happy life is also about being grateful for what you have.


In this article, we look at the secrets of knowing how much is enough in life and why you should. These secrets will bring you peace and happiness, making you enjoy a satisfying life.


Know what enough is for your academics
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Know what enough is for your academics

Education is necessary, but you can succeed even when you did not go to college. Some people have been successful regardless of their academic achievement level because being successful results from several factors.


That said, education can open doors for you, so give it your best while at it. The secret here is knowing what level of education is enough for you. Do you need to take that Master’s program, or are you doing it out of peer and family pressure? Are you getting that doctorate to prove a point, or do you need it? Is going to college a necessity? Can you use the skills you already have to make money and be successful?


These academic qualifications are excellent. However, knowing what enough is for your academics gives you the freedom to focus on other goals. Learning does not end.


Use other avenues of learning like free and paid courses. Read books, blogs, and magazines. Learn on the job, from podcasts, Youtube, your and other people’s mistakes, etc. The beauty of the alternative avenues of learning is that you can implement what you have learned immediately.


Doing a Ph.D. just because everyone in your family has done it and you are afraid of feeling out of place or being perceived as a nonachiever is not worth it. You are doing it to please others and not because you need it.


If you decide to go for the highest academic level in your field, by all means, go for it and do your best. That is what you would have defined as being enough for your academics. If you know what should be enough for you but have not achieved it yet, keep going until you do.


Know what enough is for your job

Know when it is time to leave your corporate or 9-5 job. Arriving at this point of knowledge is difficult for most people. Some people also get their identity and respect from their employer’s brand. They cannot imagine life outside that job.


It isn’t easy to walk away from a somewhat ideal situation like when you get your salary consistently. More so,  you have medical insurance, enjoy subsidized staff loans, corporate parties, business lunches, and travels, and your lovely colleagues. “What would life look like without all this?” you wonder.


Many companies are now downsizing, so the chances are that you might find yourself next on the list (God forbid). Before all that happens, know how many years are enough for you as an employee in the corporate world.


Do you have a plan for when you want to leave? Will you be employed until you reach the official retirement age? Have you started a side hustle? Would you like to change employers so that you gain an additional set of skills? Is what you have attained enough, and you are now ready to move on to something else, working as your own boss?


When you know what enough is for you at work, you will not waste time. You will be working to achieve a particular target. Think about where you want to be in the next three, five, ten years for now.


When you have enjoyed enough of that job, you will be ready to achieve new things. You will not be held back by the company benefits—even if you are starting small.


Know what enough is for your family
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Know what enough is for your family

Providing for a family takes hard work. Know what enough is for your family. This knowledge will help you avoid struggling to achieve more than your family needs to be comfortable.


How many children are enough for you? Are you having children just because everyone in your circle is? Is that the number of children that you planned for your family? What size of a house is enough for you? What standard of education is enough for your children?


You will enjoy your family more when you are grateful for what you have, even as you work at getting to the point where you have enough for the family. The rest will be luxuries. There is nothing wrong with enjoying those luxuries as long as you know, appreciate and enjoy your enough.


Know what enough is for your circle of friends

People in our lives come and go. We consider some of these people to be our close friends, but unfortunately, they do not feel the same way. As you grow older, your circle of real friends will begin to shrink because of several reasons. It is essential to continue making new friends rather than whining about those that have left you.


Making new friends should be a natural, comfortable process, not to show off how popular you are or how more friendly you are. The secret to enjoying your friendships is appreciating the friends you already have and the value you exchange.


Focus more on investing in those friendships that are enough for you while you make new ones. This will give you more peace of mind.


Know what enough is in your goals

Let’s assume that one of your goals is to set up a blog for your business. You have been working on it for a while now (especially if you are not tech-savvy). Unfortunately, you cannot get to the point of publishing it because the blog is not yet perfect, according to you.


In this case, you need to know what enough is for this blog to go live; otherwise, you will spend a lot of time perfecting the designs and all. These designs will keep changing as your blog progresses. Have the basics in place for a decent enough website. Decide if that is enough for you and your brand, then go ahead and publish.


Do not be held back from making progress for whatever goals you are pursuing because you do not know what enough is for every step of your way to success. Have a few goals that are enough and manageable for you to attain.


Concentrating on many goals at once will delay your success. The secret is knowing which goals are enough for you to focus on first. Knowing this will help you to achieve the desired result by a particular time.


Know what enough is for your achievements
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Know what enough is in your achievements

Have you ever felt that you are not doing enough when you have achieved so much already? When you think this way, you have not defined what level of achievement is enough for you.


Attaining your level of achievement does not mean that you then sit back and get stuck in your comfort zone. It would be best if you continued aiming higher. The difference this time is that you already acknowledge and are grateful for what you have already achieved.


Life is already enjoyable for you than the other people who do not know what achievements are enough for them. They feel frustrated, yet the problem is that they have no target. Instead, they will continue looking to get more and more without appreciating and enjoying what is enough for them at a particular time.


Knowing what achieving your dreams looks like is essential for you to progress to the next level without much delay. Remember to celebrate your small wins so that you enjoy the process of moving to the mega wins.


Know when you have enough knowledge to share with others


So you have been working on a particular project for a while now, and your business is looking good. You have acquired so much skill and expertise. It is crucial to know when you can begin helping others get to where you are or even better.


You need to know what knowledge and experience are enough for you to pass on, e.g., via a blog, a course, social media, or otherwise. There is so much learning happening outside classrooms these days. Sharing your knowledge will benefit both you and the recipient.


Know when it is time to improve your life

You need to know when you have had enough of the negative things you are doing in order to embrace personal development. Know when you have had enough with smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, womanizing, being a lousy spouse, parent, friend, boss, or employee. Know when it is enough of your being a thief, fraudster, corrupt official, lair, etc.


Getting to this point will mark the beginning of a changed and more fulfilling life for you. Living a better life will even positively impact those that had suffered from your negative actions in the past.


The important thing is to get to the point where you know what enough is in this lousy lifestyle. Stop and embrace a better life you and those around you will enjoy.




Humans are greedy. We usually want more than we need to live a comfortable life. We compare ourselves to others and get intimidated by their achievements. This comparison results in being tossed about because we do not know what we want or what enough is for us.


It is best to reflect on your life and decide what enough for you is. Your enough will be different from another’s. Once you know how much of something is enough for you, appreciate and enjoy it every day.


When you do this, you will realize that you are more present, thankful, fulfilled, and enjoy life more. That is the secret of knowing how much is enough for you in life.


Even if you are not yet at the place where it is enough for you, knowing your enough will give you a specific target to achieve. You will find fulfillment when you reach your target and also stop comparing your life to another’s.


Please share the secrets of knowing how much is enough in life with others.


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