Powerful Ways to Surely Achieve Your Dreams

Powerful Ways to Surely Achieve Your Dreams

Dreams keep us alive. They keep us hopeful and make life worth living. Having a dream gives you the confidence to face each day together with its challenges. In light of all that, it would be best to nurture your dreams to achieve them. Realizing your dreams will encourage you to continue pursuing more of them. This article shares powerful ways to surely achieve your dreams.


Believe in your dreams

You create your dreams, so it is only you who knows what these dreams look like. Other people may despise and discourage you from achieving your dreams, but you shouldn’t let them because the revelation of these dreams was to you and not to them. They don’t understand the whole picture.


Steve Harvey’s story about the teacher that humiliated him because he wrote on that piece of paper that he wanted to be on television when he grew up is a perfect example of how people that don’t see your dreams can crash them. Steve Harvey’s story also reminds us not to let our current challenges discourage us from pursuing our dreams.


So to surely achieve your dreams, continue believing in them, however long it takes and however much you are discouraged from pursuing them by people who don’t believe in them.


Speak positively about your dreams

When you speak positive things about your dreams, they will get registered in your mind even if you are talking to yourself. Your mind will then cause you to generate new energy towards pursuing your dreams. You will feel motivated to commit and be dedicated to doing something every day to take you closer to your dreams.


One way you can speak positively about your dreams is to use positive affirmations. Check here for a list of positive affirmations that you can download for free. What you expect is what you will get. You also get what you confess. In the same way, entertain good thoughts for your dreams.


Some of my sweetest thoughts are when I am at the place where I am living in the dreams that I want to achieve. I hate coming out of those thoughts, but I am more determined than ever to pursue my dreams when I do.


The Power of Small Beginnings
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The power of small beginnings

A tiny seed can grow into a huge plant. Do not be discouraged when you have to start small. Your past should not be a limiting factor if you want to achieve your big dreams. In today’s world, your location should also not limit you from achieving your dreams.


Technology has connected the world so nicely that solutions all over can propel you to realize your dreams. If you know that there is a dream that you should be pursuing, but you are not willing to put in the work, you can find the motivation to get out of your comfort zone here.


Do whatever is legally possible to achieve your dreams and begin from where you are with whatever you have. Many people started small but ended up with tremendous results. It is better to try and fail rather than regretting not taking action later.


Associate with like-minded people

Not everybody will understand your dreams but there a few like-minded people who will motivate you when things get tough. These are people that know what it means to follow and achieve dreams—whether big or small. They will believe in you even if they don’t fully understand your dreams.


If no one in your circle believes in you or your dreams, find books, motivational videos, and blogs like this to help keep your dreams alive and motivate you to achieve them.


Focus on your dream everyday
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Focus on your dreams

When you focus on your dreams, you will avoid destructions like comparing yourself with others. It is best to overcome comparing yourself to others because it could discourage you from pursuing your dreams.


You may get the impression that it is too late for you when everyone has different timings for their lives in the real sense. If you feel like it is too late for you to pursue your dream, be encouraged to make it like the several people who achieved their dreams later in life.


There was a time when I wanted to get enrolled in a particular program that would propel me to the next level in my life. This program was not yet available for my department, so my colleagues thought I was crazy for even thinking about it. I spoke to everybody that I thought would make it happen to help in whatever way they could.


The initial responses were negative. They said it would be too expensive if they enrolled me. Others told me there was no budget for that kind of program. I kept talking to people about it and continued believing while focussing on it every single day. I even started preparing myself so that I would be ready when the time came. Every day I prayed and kept hope alive.


Some days, I felt that that dream was out of reach, while I felt it so close on other days. Nevertheless, I maintained my focus on that dream. It took close to two years of chasing that particular dream, and I continued to keep a positive mind.


One day, out of the blue,  someone asked me if I was still interested in that program, and surely I was. I had prepared myself for it too. I saw that particular dream fulfilled a few weeks later. That is the power of focusing on your dreams.


Do not abandon your dreams

As long as God has given you the gift of another day alive, get up and keep moving towards achieving your dreams. Keep the full picture of what your dream will look like when you have achieved it at the back of your mind.


Better still, post it by your bedside so that you see it when you wake up and before you go to sleep. You could also write or draw it in your favorite journal to not lose track of it when you face challenges.


Push and pray until you realize your dreams. You will be glad you did not abandon your dreams when they manifest. Check here for how you can conquer the barriers to your progress that you can download for free.



Do you have that dream that you abandoned because you believed you couldn’t achieve it? Now you can confidently pick it up and successfully pursue it to realization using the ideas from this post.


Please share this with others so that we have so many people achieving their dreams.


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