How to Create an Amazing Life that You Enjoy

How to create an amazing life that you enjoy

The amazing life will vary from person to person. Generally, incredible life is where you can be yourself, do what you love, and live in the present without regretting the past or worrying about the future. You have enough money to live a comfortable-decent life, and you have relations with whom to share this amazing life. You do not even need to have lots of money for you to enjoy an amazing life.

In this article, I share some tips to get you started on creating that wonderful life for you. Hopefully, you will pick up some of these pointers and build something unique for you and your family.

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1. Embrace a healthy lifestyle

To enjoy an amazing life, you need to be healthy and fit enough. Some of the things you can do to develop a healthy lifestyle are: drinking enough water, engaging in some form of exercise, and eating healthy food. In addition, there are more affordable alternatives to the gym like jogging, walking, running, skipping a rope, doing some stretches, etc.

Please check with your doctor before embarking on any form of exercise.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires some level of commitment. However, once you begin to enjoy the benefits, you will be glad to have chosen that path.

2. Invest in tools that will make life easier for you

Tools can simplify your life and save you the energy and time required to complete other tasks. You can use these tools in your kitchen, laundry, garden, office, cleaning around, etc., to make your work less of a burden and your life more amazing. These tools help you with chores and to get organized, giving you some ‘you-time.’

 3. Create a side hustle

A side hustle enables you to make money outside your 9 to 5 job. You can begin a side hustle to do something you love and are very passionate about. When your hustle picks up and becomes successful, you may choose to leave your job and become your boss, or you could continue doing both your main job and the side hustle.

The latter option will require chunks of your time, so be sure to balance it well if you desire to enjoy an amazing life.

Learn how to promote your side hustle or your business on Pinterest to increase the reach of your business and, ultimately, sales.

Before letting go of your 9 to 5 job, remember to give it the best and avoid conflicts of interest with your employer.

Here are some side hustle ideas to get your creative juices working.

Emergency fund for an amazing life

4. Grow your emergency fund

You may have worked so hard to clear your debt, but unfortunately, you will most likely find yourself accumulating more debt if you have not yet built your emergency fund. A good emergency fund typically covers six months of your household expenses.

You could begin with a target of saving up to three months of expenses, then grow your target to six months and continue growing your fund as much as you would want to. A budget will help you figure out how much you spend in a month.

An emergency fund will shield you when you face a financial emergency. Here’s how to build your emergency fund.

 5. Live in the present

As you plan for the future, be sure to live in the present to create an amazing life that you enjoy. Living in the present is a conscious decision that you have to make. It will keep you from being stressed and anxious so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your life.

I appreciate that living in the present is easier said than done. Here are more tips to get you started in addition to those already mentioned above.

6. Do something that you love

You may love doing some things but have put them off because maybe you are too busy or have lost the zeal to do them. To create an amazing life that you enjoy, make time and rekindle the desire to engage in a fun activity.

In addition to doing something you love daily, find other fun activities that you can do every week, monthly, or annually like taking a vacation. As you plan for these activities, be sure to enjoy your life in the present to the fullest.

Writing your plans down in your planner or putting a reminder on your phone is an excellent place to start.

7. Network with like-minded people

Networking is about building relationships with people you share something in common. And this is not just because you want something from them immediately.

Networking can help you achieve success in life. You will be able to exchange ideas, motivate each other, and support each other’s businesses by being clients to each other or offering quality referrals. Your networks can help open some difficult doors. Networking also gives you some sense of belonging, which leads to your emotional wellbeing and amazing life.

8. Do your best at your job or business

You work to make money to live a more comfortable life and help others. However, to enjoy an amazing life, you need to enjoy the job you do, seeing that you spend a good portion of your time at work. Therefore, find ways to be the best at your work and enjoy it whether you are an employee or an employer.

9. Enjoy your family

Family can be biological or otherwise. Whoever your family is, you need to enjoy life as a family because they are your first support system. They know you and will always be there for you. Therefore, you will need to continue or begin nurturing your relationship with your family.


Only you can create for yourself that amazing life that you enjoy. You cannot wait for other people in your life or things to do that for you. It is a conscious decision that will take some effort on your part. Start small but begin somewhere and work at it every single day. It would be best if you began today.

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