How to Be More Excited about Life When You Feel like Giving Up

How to Be More Excited about Life When You Feel like Giving Up

Life is not always a bed of roses. There will be some terrific seasons and some disappointing ones. Some things in life are too overwhelming that we feel like giving up. People feel like giving up on life for many reasons. Whatever the reason, having the desire to give up indicates that you are ready for some changes in your life. In this article, I share tips on being more excited about life when you feel like giving up.

1. Find the root cause of why you feel like giving up

Before you make drastic changes, spend some quality time self-evaluating to assess why you want to give up on life. Write down what you feel and the reason for feeling that way. When you do, coming up with action points will be easier.

If you feel too sad to bother with ascertaining your problem’s root cause, consider sharing your issue with a trusted friend who can help you go through the exercise. Besides, a problem shared is a problem half-solved.

A purpose-driven life will help you be more excited about life when you feel like giving upPhoto by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

2. Discover your purpose

Everybody has a purpose in life. Your purpose is the reason why you do what you do to make the world a better place. Knowing your purpose gives you a sense of direction. It helps you to keep focused and avoid distractions.

Fulfilling your purpose is an ongoing thing. It gives you some level of satisfaction, confidence and you will be more excited about life rather than wanting to give up. Living within your purpose helps you realize that you can face anything because you know who you are, where you are coming from, and where you are going.

When you meet something that is not flowing as expected, your purpose will drive you to seek new opportunities. A purpose-driven life is fun and exciting because you are all about making a difference in life, and there is more joy in giving than in receiving.

Revisit your purpose every month to keep on track. This way, you can successfully manage the stress caused by expectations from others and expectations of yourself before they overwhelm you and cause you to give up.

You could share your purpose with a trusted person or mentor for accountability purposes if you want. This person should have the ability to encourage and challenge you to commit to your life purpose.

3. Find your passion

Your purpose is more permanent, while passions can come and go. Passions are more about your emotions. You love doing them, and they generate positive energy for you. Finding your passion can help you focus on doing things you are good at and enjoy doing.

There needs to be a good balance between your purpose and your passions. When you focus on doing what you are passionate about, you will overcome the feelings of giving up because you will have a strong desire to make it work. “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” —Friedrich Nietzsche

Your passions will keep you busy finding creative ways to achieve your goals. A purpose-driven life makes you more fulfilled and energized to overcome all challenges. It is even better if you can find ways to monetize your passions.

You deserve everything good under the sun
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4. Know your worth and believe in yourself

Have a realistic view of yourself and your abilities. Know that you are worthy of happiness, respect, love, and all the good things, even if you do not excel at your activities. Always remember that you are a fantastic and unique person.

Your values define you. If you are not the first in class, the winner of a game, or some competition, it does not make you less valuable.

Knowing what does not define your self-worth will save you from worrying about what people think of you and being too hard on yourself. It will help you to stop comparing your life with other people’s lives.

When you measure yourself against others and come up short, you may have the overwhelming desire to give up. However, it is better to believe in yourself because you find the power and confidence to undertake anything that you set your mind on when you do.

If you have trouble believing in yourself, using positive affirmations can help you paint a positive picture of yourself in your mind. You will begin to believe assertions about yourself when you say the affirmations consistently, and they will start to manifest.

Even when you fail at something, overcome the feelings of failure by learning from your mistakes and encouraging yourself to get up and keep moving. Use failures to learn new things that will push you towards achieving your goals and purpose.

5. Take occasional breaks

When you feel like giving up, maybe it is time to de-stress. Unfortunately, the chances are that you are focusing on what is not working for you, which makes you lose sight of your purpose.

Give yourself a break to step away from the situation and analyze the circumstances from a more relaxed place. Then, with a clear mind, you can make a precise analysis of the situation at hand, weigh your options, and make the right decision to improve your productivity.

Do a self-assessment to ensure that your priorities are what they should be. Are you still aligned with your goals and purpose?

In addition to spending quality time doing a self-assessment, you can engage in fun activities or spend time with family and friends during your vacation.

Get enough sleep because lack of rest can lead to irritability, low productivity, lack of focus, memory problems, and confusion in the long run.

Eat healthy food to energize your body and mind so that you can face the world with strength.

Dressing nicely and wearing a lovely perfume can also lift your mood and confidence.

Giving yourself time to grow will help you be more excited about life when you feel like giving up
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6. Allow yourself time to grow

You may be feeling like giving up because you are too hard on yourself. If you have recently started a new business, job, exercise program, personal development program, relationship, or whatever you are working on, give yourself time to grow. Be patient with yourself to achieve your desired goals.

Things may not always go as planned, but if you persist, you will overcome. Take things one step at a time. It would be more helpful if what you are doing fits your purpose and passions.

Another reason why you may feel like giving up is because you have let growth opportunities pass you by rather than embracing them. In this case, it would be best if you became more open to change rather than fighting it—even when it is not always comfortable.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be pretty rewarding in the long run. So challenge yourself to find ways to overcome your fears to grow and be more excited about life.

 7. Stop feeling powerless

You have tremendous power to handle whatever you are going through—if you are clear on what you want. Where there is a will, there is always a way to keep going even when the going gets tough.

Do things differently and ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. Surround yourself with information and people that inspire you to greatness. Be mindful of your negative thoughts so that they do not overpower you. Stop feeling powerless and start creating an exciting life.

When you use the power within you to help you overcome, you will bring back the excitement in your life even when you feel like giving up.

Your gratitude journal will help you be more excited about life when you feel like giving upPhoto by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

8. Keep a gratitude journal

Every day, take note of whatever you are thankful for. It will help you to focus on what matters most to you. You will see your negative emotions turn into positive ones. When you feel blue, your gratitude journal will help you keep calm and lower your stress levels.  

 When you remember all the good things you have experienced and all the good people you are blessed to have in your life, you will get more excitement and overcome the feeling of wanting to give up.

Celebrate the small wins, and remember to include them in your gratitude journal.

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