Amazingly Simple Ways to Be Excited about Life Again

Amazingly Simple Ways to Be Excited about Life Again Pin

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of your life? Unfortunately, life has a way of getting too complicated, with new demands coming upon us daily. Expectations can make life pretty stressful and not fun. However, you do not have to live your life that way because there are amazingly simple ways to be excited about life again. Some of these are things you enjoyed before life became too cumbersome.

In this article, I share a list of the simple things that will leave you excited about life. I hope you can find something from the list below that will bring excitement and fun back to your life.

Here we go:

  1. Watching a sunrise
  2. Watching a large water body
  3. Looking at a lush green space
  4. Looking at and enjoying the smell of flowers
  5. Watching a flower bud open up
  6. Planting something and watching it grow

    Planting and watching something grow will bring excitement in life grow
    Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
  7. Seeing raindrops on flowers and leaves
  8. The smell of rain on dry ground
  9. Watching hailstones midair and dropping on the ground
  10. Playing in snow
  11. Enjoying a simple picnic near home
  12. Watching a sunset
  13. Listening to the birds singing
  14. Watching the different types of birds
  15. Taking a walk with your loved ones or friends
  16. Taking a walk through the forest
  17. Watching and listening to a stream of water move
  18. Watching a rainbow
  19. Visiting a zoo
  20. Going to a game park
  21. Check out a museum
  22. Stop by an art gallery
  23. Going to yard sales
  24. Swimming
  25. Jogging
  26. Site seeing
  27. Visiting a farm
  28. Traveling near and far
  29. Looking at a beautiful bridge
  30. Basking in the sun
  31. Enjoying fresh air
  32. Enjoying time at the beach. Be sure to enjoy the feeling of water and sand on your bare feet.

    Enjoying time at the Beach will bring excitement in your life
    Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash
  33. Doing something fun
  34. Enjoying the sound of water hitting the rocks
  35. Watching a waterfall
  36. Driving through town on a public holiday
  37. Participating in a community activity
  38. Watching a jazz concert or any other concert that you love
  39. Playing your favorite sport
  40. Preparing your favorite dish
  41. Enjoying enough sleep
  42. Sleeping when it is raining
  43. Eating cake
  44. Eating a bar of chocolate
  45. Watching a happy movie
  46. Reading a good book
  47. Enjoying a freshly cleaned house
  48. Raising backyard chicken
  49. Playing with your pet
  50. Enjoy the feeling of a peaceful baby in your arms
  51. Enjoy feeling smart even with a simple hairstyle, markup, jewelry, and clothing
  52. Wearing a nice perfume
  53. Looking at a fashion magazine
  54. Looking at old pictures
  55. Having a relaxing conversation
  56. Enjoying time with your spouse

    Enjoying time with your spouse will bring excitement in your life
    Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash
  57. Enjoying time with your family
  58. Enjoying time with your friends and acquaintances
  59. Online shopping
  60. Window shopping
  61. Playing indoor games
  62. Playing outdoor games
  63. Write down your dreams, e.g., about your dream house, dream wedding, dream family, dream holiday destination, etc., and the action plans to realize them. Then, be sure to follow through on your action plans.
  64. Having your quality “me time.”
  65. Spending time with grandparents
  66. Play with your children
  67. Updating your gratitude journal
  68. Writing a novel
  69. Creating something you love from scratch
  70. Looking at beautiful house designs
  71. Reading a home magazine
  72. Singing
  73. Dancing
  74. Playing an instrument
  75. Hanging out on Pinterest
  76. Smiling more
  77. Watching the stars and the moon
  78. Enjoying fresh bed sheets
  79. Enjoying a warm shower on a cold day and a cold shower on a hot day
  80. Enjoy the feeling of using fresh towels

    The feeling of fresh towels is exciting
    Photo by Feeh Costa on Unsplash
  81. Walking barefoot (when it is safe to do so)
  82. The smell of freshly baked bread from your kitchen or the bread shop
  83. Eating a tasty-crunchy apple
  84. Enjoying a quiet time
  85. Taking pictures with your phone or camera
  86. Enjoying a lovely ice cream
  87. Eating out. It does not have to be expensive.
  88. Watching an aquarium
  89. The feeling of using your home bathroom
  90. Enjoying a refreshing drink
  91. Indulging yourself in a relaxing hobby
  92. Listening to an uplifting podcast while in a relaxed environment
  93. Buying yourself flowers and taking them home
  94. Watching a nice documentary
  95. Jumping rope or any other workout
  96. Enjoying a candlelit dinner at home
  97. Soaking in the bathtub that contains some relaxing elements
  98. Getting a professional massage or one at home from your spouse
  99. Taking a nap
  100. Helping someone out. Yes, it is more fulfilling than you think.

These amazingly simple ways to be excited about life can make a big difference between living a stressful life and more enjoyable life.

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