6 Simple Things You Can Do to Enjoy Your Home More

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You probably have heard the saying that East or West, home is best. At the end of all your movements, the time comes when you have to return to your home. When it comes to going home, do you dread it, or do you look forward to a place that you will enjoy, relax and unwind?

 In this post, I share simple things that you can do, mainly with the resources you already have, to make a home that you will love and enjoy.

1.       Keep your home clean

 We all like clean, relaxing, and cozy spaces. Keeping your home clean is one way to enjoy life by enjoying your home. First, find a cleaning schedule and routine that works for you. One that fits within your daily or weekly schedule so that you can clean regularly. In other words, take note of the activities that you should do daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whatever you decide so that the work is not overwhelming.

A clean home helps you to enjoy:

  • ·         a refreshing and tidy look in your home
  • ·          air that feels fresh and light
  • ·          good health because there is no dust and allergens
  • ·          short cleaning hours as opposed to if you took long without cleaning
  • ·          so much peace because you will always be ready for guests that show up on short notice or without any notice

2.       Declutter your home

Declutter your home
Photo by Kelina Cyril on Unsplash

Decluttering involves getting rid of items that you do not need. Life gets so busy, and as a result, you find yourself with stuff that has accumulated for one reason or another. It gets worse when you have this section of the house where everyone finds it easier to dump things—intending to clear them away later. For some reason, that day never comes resulting in a mess.

Develop the habit of keeping what you need for your home rather than what you think you want.

When you declutter:

  • ·         your home feels clean and new
  • ·         it is easier to clean because there is less in your way
  • ·         you easily find things, therefore, saving your precious time
  • ·         you get more space to enjoy as a family and with your guests
  • ·         your mood improves. Also, you become less stressed and more productive
  • ·         fresh air circulates more freely

It takes time to declutter, so commitment is required to succeed with it. Therefore, you need to remind yourself of its benefits to keep motivated continuously.

You can declutter by doing this:

  • ·         take it one room at a time. Do not proceed to another space until you finish with your current space.
  • ·         within that room, take it one area at a time, such as kitchen cabinets, then the pantry, etc.
  • ·         do it when you are most productive—depending on your schedule. As a result, you will cover so much in little time
  • ·         categorize your stuff into what you want to keep, sell, give away, or trash. If you have not used an item for a year, you probably do not need it. Find more tips on decluttering here.

3.       Redecorate your home

Enjoy your home with refreshed decoration
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Redecorating is about changing the appearance of your home. When you redecorate:

  • ·         it  breaks the monotony
  • ·         it makes your home more inviting and comfortable to live in
  • ·         it makes your home more beautiful and cozy
  • ·         The sense of achieving something beautiful, moreover, to your taste, brings fulfillment, confidence, and new energy to you. You feel good and enjoy your home more

Some ideas for your redecorating project are:

  • ·         add some rugs or carpets underneath your furniture or in some open spaces
  • ·         rearrange your furniture
  • ·         repaint some walls or add some wallpaper
  • ·         add some ornaments that you have made yourself or bought from the store
  • ·         hang up more of your family photos or switch up the existing ones
  • ·         add mirrors to new locations other than the bathroom or change your mirrors
  • ·         add more lights or change the existing ones
  • ·         change the doorknobs or paint the doors a different color

You may need to spend some money on the new items, but redecorating does not have to be expensive. In other words, you can redecorate your home for free.

4.       Improve on your outdoor living space

Enjoy the Outdoor Living Space in your home
Photo by Marianne from Pexels

There are different types of outdoor living spaces. Whatever kind you choose, make it as cozy and comfortable as possible by adding plants, flowers, and comfortable furniture—among others.

When you spend time in your outdoor living space you:

  • ·         feel refreshed and energized
  • ·         feel relaxed and more focused
  • ·         enjoy lots of fresh air compared to indoors
  • ·          feel free as a result of being in an open or extended space
  • ·         bond and enjoy life with your family
  • ·         improve your mood
  • ·         improve your vision

You can enjoy your outdoor living space, your family, and certainly your guests!

5.       Plant some flowers and shrubs

Enjoy the Home Garden
Photo by Mike from Pexels

There is great joy in nurturing your plants into something big and beautiful.  

When you plant flowers you:

  • ·          make your home more beautiful and valuable
  • ·         enjoy the aroma from the flowers
  • ·         keep your home cool when it is hot
  • ·         get a comfortable place for reading or just relaxing and basking in the sun
  • ·         provide some privacy from prying eyes
  • ·         keep fit and healthy as a result of the exercise from digging, weeding, and watering the plants

6.       Create a play area for the children

Kids Play Area for more enjoyment at homePhoto by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Play is key to a child’s mental and physical growth. Therefore, providing a play area in your home would be great for the children. If space is available, consider having both outdoor and indoor play areas.

 Playing outdoors has its benefits which include:

  • ·         improved health
  • ·          exposure to sunshine which improves the mood
  • ·         the children get to appreciate and learn from nature
  • ·         it is more fun because the outdoors tend to be more relaxing than indoors.

On the other hand, indoor play spaces offer more flexibility regarding the weather and play hours. In addition, it helps to keep your home more organized since the toys are in one place.

Use materials you already have at home to create a play area for the children.

So there you have it—the simple things you can do to enjoy your home more. Please share this article so that more people can enjoy their homes.


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