5 Reasons Why You Should Control Your Anger

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Are there things you regret doing out of failure to control your anger? Being angry is normal. Despite this, we are all expected to control our anger. There are several reasons why you should control your anger.

So here are the reasons why you should control your anger:

 1. Anger robs you of peace and happiness

When you are angry, your heart feels heavy, and your mind does not focus clearly. For example, if you are angry with someone, you will not express yourself freely when you are around that person. You may find that you are even giving each other ‘silent treatment’, which is not good for any relationship.

This uncomfortable situation eventually robs you of your peace and happiness. Your productivity at work and outside work will also be affected. You, therefore, may need to control your anger for the sake of your happiness. Anger keeps you in some form of bondage that you should avoid getting into or staying in for long.

2. Anger could cost you your relationships

Anger can cause you to speak words that bring so much pain to others. These could be your spouse, children, people who work for you, people you work with, and any other close person to you. Some of your relations may even end their relationship with you because of your uncontrolled anger.

To manage anger, it would help if you practiced the art of thinking before you speak. Count up to ten, or longer if you need to, before you speak. Also, always ask yourself if what you intend to say will build someone up or break them down instead. Then, only tell what is beneficial to the recipient.

Be quick to forgive yourself and others that made you angry. Then, move on to continue working at strengthening your relationships.

3. Anger could cause you to lose clients

It has been said that the client is always right. We know that this is not always correct though you can never tell the client that they are wrong. Assuming you have to deal with this irate client. You will need to keep as calm as possible even when you do not agree with all that the client is saying or doing.

If you fail to control your anger and start shouting at the client or arguing with the client, the chances are that you will lose this client to another business. Damage control will be required from you or your company for you to be able to retain that client.

It, therefore, helps to resolve client issues professionally and take nothing personally before the situation gets out of hand. But, of course, this can only work when you control your anger, despite the client being really mad.

4. Anger will cause you to regret your words and actions

It would be best to control your anger because speaking in anger makes you regret your words and makes you feel and look so terrible. To avoid speaking words in anger, count up to ten—or more if you need to—so that you have time to consider your response.

When you are calmer, you can then express yourself respectfully. That way, you will avoid saying words that you regret, and you will be able to express your feelings or disappointments in a more controlled manner.

5. Anger could cause you to lose your job

You may face some really frustrating situations at your job that provoke you to anger. How you handle these situations can determine whether you get to keep your job or lose it—and this could be both ways. For example, you may resign prematurely out of anger, or your boss could fire you. Therefore, you need to control your anger at work for you not to lose your job prematurely.


Uncontrolled anger can result in many problems. Practice being slow at getting angry even when provoked. Avoid going to bed when you are still angry. Find ways to deal with your anger that do not include taking it out on others because bottled-up anger can cause several problems in the long run.

Use the tips above to get more control of your anger. Then, with continued practice and God’s help, you will achieve the desired result of controlling your anger.

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