14 Awesome Tips to Enjoy Life as a Family

Enjoy Life as Family

Your family is your first support system. They know your strengths and weaknesses, but they still love you all the same. You feel a sense of belonging in your family and know that they will always have your back. If there are conflicts and stress in your family, it will be difficult to enjoy life. It would be best if you made a conscious decision to enjoy life as a family.

Families are unique, but I believe that most of these tips on enjoying life as a family will work for your family as well.

1. Exchange the morning greeting

Saying good morning to your family spreads the love and connects you. It gives you positive energy and makes you feel good. You feel like your day will be bright, and you will enjoy it. Saying good morning helps to start a conversation and eases further communication.

2. Have your meals together

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Having meals together is a powerful connecting tool—if your family is open to talking during meal times. It is a time to catch up, especially when you have not been together for most of the day. Children get to share challenges they face with their parents before things get out of hand, hence building trust.

Mealtime is an opportunity to talk about your family values. The quality time will work best if people are not texting and using their computers during meal times. It is even more fun to prepare the meals and clean up together after meals.

3. Prioritize family time over the use of technology

We live in a world where technology is advancing at a terrific speed. Our phones, computers, or whatever else you use have their benefits, but it should be clear that family comes first for you to enjoy life with your family. This is a conscious decision that should be taken and appreciated by the whole family.

Imagine if you talked to someone in your family and found them deeply engrossed on their phone or laptop. As you speak, the person continues looking or working at their machine. How would you feel?

I guess you would feel less valued. Over time, you may even lose the connection with the other person. To enjoy life as a family, we need to practice active listening and not let technology overtake family time.

4. Go shopping together as a family

Shopping as a family may be hectic if you have a very young family. Nevertheless, it is a perfect opportunity for bonding and having fun together. It makes shopping exciting and less of a chore. It is an opportunity to teach children about budgeting and working within the budget.

After shopping, you could move around the mall, share a meal, watch a movie, or sit and talk.

5. Have a game night

Family enjoying a board gamePhoto by Unsplash

Have a game night. In addition to your already existing games, you could decide to introduce a new game every month. These games teach people how to be patient with each other, gracefully handle wins and losses, and follow the rules, which are all key to enjoying life. Casey has some good games ideas that you can enjoy as a family.

6. Share things as a family

There is some satisfaction that comes from sharing stuff with your family. There are many things that a family can share.

Families don’t have to share one handset in this era because everyone has their phones. So, just for fun, you could all decide to use one phone to call grandma—or any other person. Both you and grandma would enjoy it. It would be like you are all in one place having a conversation.

Sharing eliminates jealousy and selfishness, enhancing unity in the family. With many Tv sets in the home these days, people no longer have to fight for the remote. Once in a while, agree to use one TV and watch the same programs. It would be fun to enjoy each other’s company.

Making financial decisions as a family (or couple) makes the money issue easy. For example, you could plan as a couple (kids may not have to be involved in this) and discuss the projects you need to work on, debts to clear, what to save for and the amounts to save, pocket money, investments to make, etc. When money is appropriately spent in your family, you will be less stressed and get to enjoy life more.

Involve the children in age-appropriate housework to grow to love it. As they grow older, they will find it easier to help around the house, greatly easing your load as a parent. They will also be more resourceful in their lives outside the home and in their marriages.

A problem shared is a problem half solved. Sharing issues as a family helps to reduce stress. There is peace in knowing that you can face your concerns as a family. It also makes the family stronger.

7. Opt for flexible working hours or to work from home

Work at home to enjoy lifePhoto by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

Find a work-life balance that works for your family and your job. Find out from your job if you can have flexible working hours—or better still, work from home. The flexibility will ensure that you can be available for the kids’ games. In addition, you can pick the children from school in time—bonding some more on your way home. Also, you can be there for your family’s special occasions, and whatever else is important for your family.

When you choose to work from home, schedule your time so that you can at least have all your meals together. Block off your time so that you periodically get off your computer to be with your family, who will be in another part of the house. Not only is the bonding fun, but it is also good for your health. If you work from home, avoid having meals from your desk as much as possible.

If you cannot work from home or get flexible hours, plan to take your leave when the children are on their school holiday so you can spend more time with them.

8. Homeschool your children

Consider homeschooling your children. Being involved in your children’s lives in that way creates a powerful bond. Every day you get the opportunity to build special memories together. As parents, you appreciate what the child is learning and contribute daily. In addition, it is an opportunity to instill family values into the children progressively.

It is important to note that the parents must be willing and committed to its success for homeschooling to work for your family. Nevertheless, it is a great way to enjoy life as a family because you are involved in several activities together.

9. Have some family traditions that you will all enjoy

Enjoying Family TraditionsPhoto by Lucas Law on Unsplash

Get some things that are special to your family and practice them consistently. Begin new family traditions if you do not have any passed down through the generations. Or add to your current ones. For example, celebrate birthdays, take family studio photos at least once every year, have a family day once a week where you do something special, celebrate the holidays with your extended family, or travel together to a new place once a year.

Check out more family tradition ideas from The Art of Manliness.

10. Encourage open communication within your family

Open communication provides an environment where family members can express their needs, love, joy, and frustrations. It would be best to communicate frequently to ensure that the atmosphere is always conducive to open communication. Use words like please, thank you, I am sorry, and excuse me, among others. Life as a family will be more enjoyable when you speak to each other respectfully.

11. Forgive each other daily

Unforgiveness is unhealthy and keeps one in bondage. It blocks communication and robs you from enjoying life as a family. No one is perfect. Treat each other with grace. Correct each other in love. Remember that there is always room for improvement.

12. Enjoy fun activities together as a family

In addition to game nights and school activities, your family can enjoy some fun activities together. Some are free, others require some little money, while others require you to save up some money. Your family can do these fun activities at home or in a different place. Spending time in a new exciting environment is refreshing for the family. It builds upon the good memories that you will always share.

13. Exchange gifts

Exchanging gifts does not have to be an expensive venture for your family. There are so many DIY ideas on Pinterest you can pick from to make your gift from home. You could decide to make something beautiful using the materials you already have.

Michelle from MyDomaine shares some gift exchange ideas that could inspire you as you plan for yours. Most people wait for holidays to exchange gifts. You do not need to wait for a special occasion to exchange gifts with your family. A surprise gift would make it even more special.

14. Say goodnight at the end of the day

After enjoying such a beautiful day as a family, the icing on the cake would be to say good night to each other. Kiss your children goodnight even if you find them already asleep. Wishing each other a good night makes you feel loved and valued.

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