11 Simple Ways to Surely Spice Up Your Life

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Are you the kind of person that wants to do things the same way, go to the same places, and wear the same clothes all the time? There are some benefits of having a monotony in life, like consistency and simple living; however, there are simple ways to spice up your life by breaking that monotony. These encourage more creativity resulting in a more exciting life without necessarily being all over the place and losing focus of your goals.

In this article, we look at some of the things that you can switch around that will make a big difference to how you feel, basically make you happy. Happiness is a prerequisite to enjoying life. These are simple ways because they are around your daily life. They can lift your spirits and spice your life when you do them.

1. Spice up your workstation

Periodically changing your workstation increases your productivity and lifts your mood. It contributes to your not feeling bored and minimizes work stress. Be creative in how you go about this because the goal is to enjoy your work and deliver results simultaneously.

Change your work environment to spice things up. Working from home has got its advantages, so why not enjoy them? You could work from your compound, at the beach, coffee shop, in a different room in the house, or anywhere else comfortable enough for you to be productive.

If you work in an office building with designated workspaces, consider moving to another space with an empty desk if the owner is on vacation; you could also use free meeting rooms, etc. Just be sure to check that those alternative spaces are available when you need to use them to avoid interruptions while you work.

Spice up your hangouts
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2. Spice up your hangout places

So you love going to this one restaurant and probably order the same thing that you ordered from the time you started going to that place. Well, I get it; that dish might be their specialty, but is it truly the only good thing in that place? To spice things up, begin by changing the meals you order at your favorite hangout, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Better still, try a new place altogether, and enjoy a different experience. You will find happiness in meeting new people, a unique ambiance and having other dishes from what you often order.

3. Spice up your hairstyles

Friends and family may have told you that a particular hairstyle is best for the shape of your face. But is that truly the only hairstyle that suits you? It would be best if you tried something new. First, begin with the one you love but have not done because your friends do not like it. Then, if you love it and look good with it, enjoy it, and the others will get used to seeing you with it. Also, you could use accessories like headscarves, berets, headbands, etc.

Your hair is your crown. When you love your hairstyle, you will feel more confident, hold your head up high, feel happy, and enjoy your life. Trying new things for your hair will help you achieve this joy and confidence.

Tip: Have your favorite wigs nearby to use when you are not so happy with your new look. A hairstyle turned bad should not discourage you from trying out other new ones.

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4. Spice up your exercise routine

If you are not already doing it, begin by engaging in some form of exercise. Exercising keeps you fit and healthy. It also boosts your mood and makes you happy when you get used to it.

Look for simple activities like jumping rope, jogging around your home compound or neighborhood, doing simple stretches, doing aerobics at home with the guidance of a video, etc.

Set some exercise goals and check with your doctor before you begin. Don’t procrastinate whatever you have to do because adding exercise to your life will surely spice it up.

If you are not new to exercise, but your exercise routine is boring, why not find another exciting workout angle that will help you achieve your desired goal? That way, you enjoy your training, leading to more happiness, and you attain your goals simultaneously.

5. Spice up your dressing style

Do you wear the same kind of clothes all the time? The way you dress can significantly improve your self-image and confidence. To spice up your dressing style, consider adding some accessories.

Add some color to your grays and blacks, different jewelry from what you usually wear, different types of shoes, change the way you match up your clothes, add some jackets, neck scarves, or whatever else you don’t usually wear. Doing this is a simple way to spice up your life and make you happy.

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6. Spice up your living room

It is amazing how small changes to your house can lift your spirits. The living room, for most people, is the space that is usually used for many family activities and for hosting guests.

To spice up your living room, periodically change the furniture arrangement to break the monotony. Add some flowers to your decor. It is best if they are fresh flowers. Add indoor plants that correctly fit your room size.

Furthermore, include a new rug in your living room or switch up your existing carpet with another one from a different room in your house, as long as it blends with the rest of the decor in the living room. Artwork made by you, your kids, or bought from the store would make a great addition. Add a chandelier that matches your design and also update your curtains. Find ideas that match your living room style to spice up your life bit by bit.

7. Spice up your dining room

The dining room or dining space is another one where you spend time enjoying meals with your family and guests. Making simple changes in this space can surely spice up your life. Begin by changing the plates, serving dishes, and cutlery that you have overused. Use a different set every so often.

Add a mirror, hang some wall décor of your choice, add some cute lighting, and a basket of fruits or vase of fresh flowers for your centerpiece. Check out more ideas on how you can spice up your dining room and enjoy your life.

Spice up your bedroom
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8. Spice up your bedroom decoration

Another simple way to surely spice up your life is to brighten your bedroom. First, declutter to have a more spacious room. Next, reposition your bed if you have the space to do so. Change the beddings more often. Add some seats by the window or in a cozy corner of the room. Place some comfortable pillows on the bed and the bedroom chairs. Add an area rug or bedside rug that feels nice to the feet. Install cozy lighting.

9. Spice up things in your bathroom

The bathroom is the first place you visit when you wake up in the morning. So spicing it up could go a long way in boosting your mood throughout the day. For example, change the mirror in your bathroom or change its frame.

Put indoor plants on the counter or the floor to make your bathroom look magical. Add a cabinet. Place it above the toilet if you don’t have much space. Making your bathroom cozy is a simple way to spice up your life, and it does not need to cost a lot of money.

10. Spice up your diet

To enjoy your life, you need to be healthy. However, healthy living does not have to be boring. You can switch up your diet without compromising your healthy eating goals. To do this, make a list of what you usually eat. Then make another list with healthy alternatives that can give you the same or better results. Next, draw meal plans to make it easier to switch things up in your kitchen.

Monotonous food can be bland and could lead to loss of appetite. Occasionally changing what you eat will make you and your family look forward to mealtimes. You will feel new energy and excitement as you try new recipes. Spicing up your diet is a simple way to make you happy and your life more enjoyable.

11.Take a vacation out of your home to spice up your lifePhoto by Laura Velasco on Unsplash

11. Take a vacation out of your home

A change of environment is an excellent way to spice up your life. For example, you could visit a friend or relative or visit a new place and stay in a hotel for some days. You will enjoy experiences that will renew your energies. Be sure to plan and budget for your trip so that you have lots of fun and overcome any unforeseen issues.


There are many things you can do to spice up your life. The tips provided in this article are simple and within your everyday space. Tackle them bit by bit so that you enjoy the process and don’t feel overwhelmed.

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