106 Powerful Affirmations towards Your Desired Life

Life is what you make it. You can choose to continue living life as it is, or you can use the power of positive affirmations to overcome your limiting beliefs and declare your desired life into existence.

Affirmations are powerful, constructive phrases that focus one’s mind away from negative to positive thought patterns and attitudes. These new beliefs create an abundance mindset.

An abundance mindset can change your life by motivating you to take the necessary action towards your goals.

What you think is what you are. Equally important are your words because they have tremendous power. The tongue has power over life and death, and that one enjoys good things from the fruit of his lips. Use this to your advantage by speaking the right words.

In addition to propelling you towards your goals, affirmations offer feelings of hope and peace. As a result, you feel positive about yourself and boost your self-confidence.

For affirmations to work, you need to:

a) focus on your goals rather than on what you are trying to move away from

b) have faith, belief, and conviction in what you are affirming

c) have the patience to continue the exercise even when the progress is not as fast as you would want. It will not manifest overnight, but it will eventually come to pass if you believe it.

d) begin taking action towards what you are affirming. For example, if one of your affirmations says that you are a generous person, you should start to share more with others, even when you find it difficult.

The more action you take, the easier it will become, and the faster it will be for you to achieve the results of your affirmations.

How to use affirmations to declare your desired life into existence

  • Write down the things that you would like to see changed in your life, for example, “I want to stop living paycheck to paycheck.”
  • Write down the positive opposite of your negative item. In our example above, that would be, “I have stopped living paycheck to paycheck.” This is your affirmation.
  • Repeat your affirmation regularly. Speak it while looking at a mirror, while relaxing and whenever else you can. Make a recording of your declaration in your voice so that you can listen to it more often.
  • Believe in your affirmations, even if the desired change may not be instant, such that they get registered in your subconscious mind.
positive affirmations
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The list of powerful positive affirmations

Set 1
  1. I live and do not just exist.
  2. I enjoy my life to the fullest.
  3. I appreciate and value my life.
  4. I trust that God has a good plan for me.
  5. I am capable of doing exploits.
  6. My dreams shall not abort. They shall all come to pass.
  7. I embrace knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
  8. I positively accept advice.
  9. I shall live in safety and be at ease.
  10. I shall live a blameless life.
Set 2
  1. I shall be spared from wickedness.
  2. I am capable of being a loving person.
  3. I am faithful.
  4. I am favored wherever I go.
  5. I have a healthy lifestyle.
  6. I am a cheerful giver.
  7. I will enjoy a long life.
  8. I am peaceful.
  9. I have a sweet sleep every day.
  10. I live at peace with my neighbors.
Set 3
  1. I am blessed in all areas of my life.
  2. I am focused on my goals.
  3. I will live to enjoy my wealth.
  4. I can pay off my debt quickly.
  5. I am humble.
  6. I am not lazy but diligent.
  7. I am disciplined.
  8. I am honest in my dealings.
  9. I can keep a secret.
  10. I am beautiful/ handsome.
Set 4
  1. I have a noble character.
  2. I am cool-tempered and patient.
  3. I am truthful.
  4. I think before I speak.
  5. I am honored because I heed correction.
  6. I am friendly.
  7. I can make wealth.
  8. I forgive quickly for my own sake.
  9. I avoid envy.
  10. I am kind to the needy.
Set 5
  1. I use my tongue to bring comfort.
  2. I maintain a cheerful look.
  3. I am generous.
  4. I am a prudent person.
  5. I avoid strife.
  6. I am humble.
  7. I avoid bad debt.
  8. I have self-control.
  9. I enjoy life today.
  10. I have overcome the past.

Set 6
  1. I know that the future is secure in God.
  2. I am blessed.
  3. I am a thankful person.
  4. I accept myself as I am.
  5. I can do anything that I set my mind to.
  6. I am on my way to achieving my perfect body weight.
  7. I am fearfully and wonderfully made; therefore, I am unique and special.
  8. I live a high-quality life.
  9. I know that every dark cloud has a silver lining, so I focus on the positive.
  10. I am a good and reliable friend.
Set 7
  1. I am a faithful, loving, and trustworthy spouse.
  2. I make a good parent.
  3. I make a good employer.
  4. I am a valuable employee.
  5. My business is growing every day.
  6. I am a great and influential leader.
  7. I respect myself and others.
  8. I can keep my home clean and decluttered.
  9. I can find ideas to decorate my home.
  10. I love my home—both indoors and outdoors.
Set 8
  1. My guests feel comfortable in my home.
  2. I enjoy having family meals.
  3. I practice good manners (greeting, saying please, excuse me, and thank you).
  4. I prioritize family time over technology.
  5. I enjoy spending time with my family.
  6. I am helpful, supportive, and an encourager.
  7. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with others.
  8. I value and celebrate even my most minor achievement.
  9. I take responsibility for my actions.
  10. I learn from my mistakes and failures.
Set 9
  1. I do not give up. Instead, I try different ways to achieve my desired outcome.
  2. I learn new things every day.
  3. I enjoy the fruits of my work.
  4. I am a good steward of my money.
  5. I make time to engage in some fun activities.
  6. I live my life one step at a time.
  7. I keep moving, no matter what happens.
  8. I enjoy my wealth and possessions.
  9. I take care of my health.
  10. I find ways to do what I love.
  11. I think more positive thoughts.
Set 10
  1. I appreciate where I am in life without envying others.
  2. I respect authority.
Powerful affirmations
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  1. I stand in awe of God and his creation.
  2. I value correction and do not take offense.
  3. I use my money to create a better life and to help others.
  4. I am becoming financially free.
  5. Money flows back to me because I am a giver.
  6. I am stopping to live from paycheck to paycheck.
  7. My labor is fruitful.
Set 11
  1. My prosperity is growing every day.
  2. I am proud of the many good things that I have done.
  3. I can control my reaction to what happens to me.
  4. My location does not define who I am or what I can do.
  5. I am grateful for the family that I find myself in.
  6. All things work together for my good.

Would you mind sharing these powerful affirmations for more people to declare their desired life into existence?



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