10 Ideas to Conquer When You Want to Enjoy Life Now

You want to enjoy life, but you convince yourself that it is impossible. All because you think there are preconditions to enjoying life. Every day counts if you want to enjoy life, so here are tips that will help you conquer negative ideas in your mind that hinder you when you want to enjoy life.

1. Thinking that you first need lots of money to enjoy life

Life is what you make it. You do not need lots of money to enjoy life. Therefore, you can begin enjoying your life today. Making money is a process and can continue to happen while you enjoy life. You cannot wait to enjoy life when you are filthy rich because every day that goes by is lost forever and leaves you with fewer days to enjoy. The time to enjoy life is now with the little that you have.

2. Thinking that you cannot enjoy life alone

Two is better than one. However, there are very many ways you can enjoy life alone. Use the opportunity when you are alone for you to relax, unwind, learn a new skill, discover your talents, learn to have some healthy levels of independence, find peace, and connect with God. Enjoy being you without having to meet anyone’s expectations. In addition, spending quality time alone gives you the energy to face the world.

3. Fearing what people will think about you

As long as you are not doing something crazy and harmful to yourself and others on the pretext of enjoying life, you are free to have fun. Being a people pleaser is so draining, and you don’t need that.

Know your worth, values, purpose, goals and focus on those instead of what people think about you. I am not saying that you become a selfish person who does not take positive feedback. However, appreciating a balanced view of who you are will help you know which feedback benefits and improves you and which one does not.

More so, your purpose should make the world a better place, meaning that you will still be able to add value to other people’s lives. Therefore, free yourself from worrying about what people will think of you and enjoy life.

Enjoy Life Even in Your Current Location
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4. Thinking that you must travel especially by air to enjoy life

For most people, flying is fun and all, but there are many fantastic destinations that you have probably never visited right near where you live or in your country. For example, have you been to all the game parks in your country, the zoo, waterfalls, museums, watched a game in your local stadium, shopped at the up-end stores near you?

There is so much good near us, but the human mind makes us believe that what others have is always better than what we have. You can enjoy life without having to fly out of your country or state. Here are ideas of fun things that you can do to enjoy life just where you are.

5. Thinking that you do not deserve to be happy

You may have done terrible things in the past and seriously condemn yourself to misery, feeling that you do not deserve any better. Well, I have news for you. You deserve to enjoy your life as much as the other person.

To change this toxic mindset, you need to repent of that which is holding you back. If you can face the person that you offended to seek their forgiveness, do so. If you cannot, saying a prayer of repentance will suffice because God forgives our wrongs when we repent.

Next, you need to stop doing those terrible things that made you feel undeserving in the first place. Then, if you cannot control yourself, find a trusted person or organization to help you.

Then believe that you are now free and continue to remind yourself of this fact when those guilty thoughts torment you.

Slowly begin to do things that you enjoy and spending time with people that love you and encourage the best out of you. Here are countless ideas to help you start this journey of enjoying all aspects of your life.

Enjoy Life Even in Your Home
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6. Thinking that you need to be out of your home to enjoy life

A home is really where the heart is, so why wouldn’t you enjoy life at your house? In your home, you have the luxury of dressing comfortably and relaxing without having to worry about spending too much money.

You can enjoy life in your home every day if you make time for it. There are several other ways you can enjoy life in your home for you to explore and continue adding to your list of ideas on how to enjoy life in your home.

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7. Thinking that you enjoy life only when you eat out

Eating out is great, and you do not have to worry about washing the dishes after your meal, but you can also enjoy eating at home. You can cook with other people in your home, and this can be fun and a time to bond.

You will prepare the food to your liking, and you enjoy it in the comfort and privacy of your home. Most likely, it will also be more healthy and less costly.

If you don’t like it simple, you can still make your dinner at home feel like a restaurant with these tips.

8. Thinking that having an amazing online life is enjoying life

Not everything that glitters is gold. You may be thinking that your life sucks because it does not look like what you see on social media. The sad reality is that people in those pictures are not really enjoying their lives as per available evidence.

If social media negatively affects you, ask yourself if you really need to be there, for example, if you need it for work or something. If not, why not take a social media break for your own sake and peace?

Remembering your worth, values, purpose, and what you want in life will be your source of strength in moments like these when social media is giving you negative energy. Remember that we all do not succeed at the same time because everyone’s timing is different. So enjoy every stage of your life.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse is not Enjoying LifePhoto by Thom Masat on Unsplash

9. Thinking that you enjoy life by abusing alcohol, drugs and living a promiscuous life

People who have abused these things have still ended up more empty and discontent than they were before. It would be best to find some healthy alternatives for what you hope to attain when you abuse alcohol, drugs and live a promiscuous life.

Those items are most likely being used to fill up a need you have, like love, peace, and being valued for who you are. If you are unsure where you stand, you can ask yourself some good questions. These questions should show where you are and where you should be. Then, based on your answers, find ways to stop abusing alcohol, drugs and living a promiscuous life, and you will begin to enjoy life truly.

 10. Thinking you must live in a particular continent to enjoy life

Well, we can’t deny that some continents offer more opportunities than others; however, there is still so much you can enjoy in your continent. Therefore, stop wasting precious time waiting to begin having fun when you relocate to another continent.

I am not against people resettling on other continents. What I am saying is while you wait for the opportunity to relocate, you can continue enjoying your life instead of wasting time being desperate for your immigrant documentation to be completed, where that is all you think about.

You will feel that your authorization to be an immigrant takes a shorter time when you are busy enjoying your life rather than just waiting on those immigration documents.

Besides, after you have long settled in your new location, you may find times when you miss your home continent. Enjoy your original home and collect many beautiful memories to carry. Of course, the assumption here is that your current country is not going through a war, and everything is calm and peaceful.


So you have all these assumptions in your head about why you cannot enjoy life. Choosing to enjoy life is a conscious decision and sometimes requires effort from you. No one could make you enjoy your life, so it would be best if you conquered whatever beliefs are hindering you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

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